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What is The Future For Woodburning Stoves3rd May 2019

There has been a lot of talk recently in the media about the government launching their Clean Air Strategy.  This has then raised the question as to whether there is going to be a ban on woodburning stoves.  These are some of the questions you may be facing when considering either the purchase of a woodburning stove for your home or just the use of your existing one.


Q. Are they going to ban stoves?

A. NO – The new legislation means that all new stove sales from 2022 need to be Ecodesign models.



Q. Do I need to buy an Ecodesign stove now?

A. NO – Up until 2022 you can buy a stove that is not currently Ecodesign ready and continue to use it in the future.



Q. What does Ecodesign mean?

A. Ecodesign stoves are products that are part of the strategy to clean burning and low emissions, and these stoves will bear the SIA Ecodesign 2022 label.



Q. Can I keep using my existing stove?

A. YES - The Clean Air Strategy does not state that there will be a ban on current woodburning or multi fuel stoves.  They also do not specify that consumers need to modify their existing stoves in any way.



Q. What fuel should I use on my stove?

A. The Clean Air Strategy is all about reducing emissions and in doing this the fuel is a major factor.  Consumers are being encouraged to use more efficient fuels on their stoves.  If you are going to burn wood then it needs to be well seasoned and a moisture content of no more than 20%. 



The benefits of having an efficient woodburning of multi fuel stove in your home will help produce significantly fewer emissions and creating a cleaner environment. This in turn will go towards having a better fuel consumption and being a more cost effective form of heating.


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