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Wood Burning Stoves

UK Stoves provides a comprehensive range of wood burning stoves, with fast and effective delivery throughout mainland UK. So, if you’re looking to complete your vision of a cosy night by the fire, then look no further than our range, which can make that vision into a reality! A wood burning stove is truly a magnificent addition to your home and living room, which can provide heat effectively and efficiently. We generally have 3 categories of wood burners – Modern, Traditional, and Inset. And all our products are laid out below. Having one of our stoves allows you to burn well-seasoned logs which will not only give you a great fire but also produce a sense of warmth in the room. Wood burning stoves do not come with a grate or an ashpan as wood will burn on a thin layer of ash and does not need an air flow underneath for it to combust.

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