The Best Types of Chimeneas

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The Best Types of Chimeneas25th July 2018

It’s said that the first use of a traditionally designed chimenea was around 400 years ago, and it would have been handmade from rough clay. Today there are so many different designs available and we’re going to run through the most popular options below:

Traditional Mexican Chimenea

There are certain qualities that come to mind when you think of a traditional Mexican design, such as being hand-made of clay and hand-painted for a unique finish. Our Extra-Large Green Plumas Mexican Chimenea is a fine example, featuring a Plumas feather design moulded in the body and funnel. The style is inspired by the Mexican mythology, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent deity who has a central place, so this will certainly be a talking point for your summer dinner parties in the garden!


Artistic Mexican Chimeneas

If you’d like a rather abstract and unique chiminea then be sure to take a look at our Original Art range. Our Flama model is another that is made in Mexico, whilst it takes on the appearance of a dancing flame. This chimenea is perfect if you’re looking to add a unique style to your garden.

Our Chim-art Gota design delivers just as much personality and it’s elegantly shaped like a water drop. This highly decorative and beautifully eye catching piece is one of our all time favourites here at UK Stoves and it too is 100% made in Mexico. 


Classic Cast Iron Chimenea

The classic cast iron chimeneas never seem to go out of style and these can look beautiful in any modern or traditional garden, whether that be to the rear of a cottage in the countryside or the patio of a new build in the city. Our Billie is a small chimenea made entirely of cast iron for long life, whilst it comes with the classic hinged door and cast iron lid.


BBQ Grill Chimeneas

As discussed, many of the traditional chimeneas were used for heating and cooking and even though people have shifted towards using barbecues, you can still buy a chimenea that incorporates a grill. Our Cozumel is a 2-part BBQ and chimenea, named after a lovely island off the coast of Mexico. All Cozumel designs come supplied with a grill, steel stand and clay lid, and have the useful feature of being able to take the top part of the chimenea off so that it can be used as a barbecue, as well as the normal chimenea function with the top on.

These are just a few of the many chimeneas that are hot right now so you certainly don’t have to compromise on style to get tremendous warmth in your garden. Whether you’re searching for a rustic Mexican design or a something a little more contemporary to sit beside a modern glass room or summerhouse, we can meet your needs.


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