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How high should a wall-mounted fire be3rd January 2020

Wall mounted electric fires are not just incredibly stylish, they deliver flexibility, helping to save plenty of space, especially for those who are not too keen on the bulkiness that comes with classic multifuel, gas or wood burning stoves. Almost every leading fireplace or stove manufacturer has introduced sleek and modern electric stoves in recent years, so there are plenty of stunning designs to choose from – making the task of finding the right fit for your room a lot easier.


Electric wall-mounted fires also give you the freedom to install them in any room, so whether you’re looking to modernise your conservatory, enhance your bedroom or make your living room extra cosy, you can do so with a wall hung fire. There is, however, one key question that we’re often asked regarding these fires: “How high from the floor should a wall-mounted fire be?” The problem is that there’s no clear-cut answer, and you will need to look at the product’s individual installation requirements. That said, in most cases, our customers choose to have them positioned at eye-level from a seated position, which is usually just over 1 metre from the floor.


Carefully contemplate your existing furnishings

It’s important to factor in your room’s existing furnishings, electricals and appliances before deciding where to position a wall-mounted fire. For example, if you have a rather large flat screen TV mounted to the wall, you may feel as though positioning the fire below the TV would be best, yet that can also make your wall a little busy and less minimalistic, so do think carefully about the look you’re going for. We recommend you take the time to research the different electric fires in great detail before deciding on the one that’s right for your needs. As soon as you know the exact size of the model you’re looking to buy, you can began examining the wall space to see where the best fit would be.


At UK Stoves, we have an extensive range of wall-mounted electric fires available, all of which offer realistic flame pictures, whilst they’re incredibly easy to maintain and super safe, not emitting any toxic fumes whatsoever. With this kind of addition to your home, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a real fire without the need for expensive installations, regular cleaning and maintenance. The models we supply from the likes of Flamonik, Electriflame and Puraflame are energy efficient too, whilst many of our customers use them to add ambience without overheating the room on warm evenings, or when the central heating is on.


Wall mounted fires are especially useful for homes lacking chimneys and another big advantage is that you can take it with you when you move house. If you’re interested in buying a wall-mounted fire and need some advice to choose the right one for your home, please call our friendly team today on 01604 861 010.


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