Advice on Choosing a Wood Burning Stove

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Advice on Choosing a Wood Burning Stove1st October 2020

Wood burning stoves, also known as log burners, are a tasteful addition to a home, providing desirable heat when you need it most. With an adequately sized wood burning stove, you can create a cosy ambience on freezing days, whilst potentially seeing a substantial reduction in your energy bills. There are, however, many considerations that need to be made when deciding on the stove that’s right for your home.


Your family’s safety

Before you even start evaluating the different designs, the first thing is to guarantee the safety of your home and family. You should seek assistance from relevant surveyors or installers as they are best placed to ascertain factors like ventilation, chimney system and availability of any flammable elements within the house. They will also give you profound advice on the ideal location of your log burner.

Most residential areas operate under the Smoke Control Area. If this is the case for your location, you will need to invest in a stove that has been approved by DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). A DEFRA approved stove ensures cleaner burning because it prevents wood fuel from smouldering and smoking. Therefore, it cannot ever be completely starved of air.

Wood burning stoves can, however, release harmful pollutants, so if you or any of your family members have underlying health conditions, wood burning may not be the safest option.


The right wood is key to efficiency

While your primary focus is on burning wood, it is vital to understand that it comes in varying structures and specifications. Wood has proven to be a sufficient fuel considering its low carbon content; however, this is a general assumption, because you have to consider factors like its origin and the way it’s processed. In a situation where you use the wrong type, for instance, wet logs, the chances of emitting harmful gas is higher. As an example, we wouldn’t advise you ever burn wood in your stove with moisture content higher than 25 percent.


Heat output

Understanding the heat output you need (often measured in kW) is also very important, and it depends on the size of the room. As a rule of thumb, approximately 1kW of heat output is required for every 14m³ of space. If you follow this rule, you will create a comfortable temperature.



It’s okay having the right amount of heat in your home, however, a wood burning stove is often sizeable investment and it can add to the re-sale value of your home. Take the time to browse the many designs available on our website and do not hesitate to do further research on each of the leading brands and their collections. You will discover contemporary stoves with sleek curves and large viewing windows as well as more traditional designs with intricate door details and classic handles. Also, some models include log stores below so check out the additional features. If you’re unsure on the style that’s right for your room, why not get in touch with our team? We’re always on hand to offer unbiased advice and guidance to ensure you choose the very best stove for your needs.






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