Deciding on Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

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Deciding on Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves3rd April 2014

Wood burning stoves have come a long way in recent years, especially in terms of style, and there are plenty of different contemporary wood burning stoves to choose from.

Stoves can now be wall hung, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Flamingo Wood Burning Stoves are a fine example of a modern style that can work well in any home, and the body is built of double steel, while there are plenty of colour options to choose from.

Invicta Gaya stoves are another fine example of contemporary wood burning stoves, and they’re often cast iron and finished in anthracite with a large window providing a beautiful view of the roaring fire, while many benefit from stylish feature doors.

The Westfire range offer smart designs with closed combustion as standard, while the Aarrow stoves selection profit from a lifetime guarantee on the superbly designed body. Wood burning stoves may be seen as a traditional heating system, but there’s perhaps even more reason to buy them now than before, especially considering the fact that the majority are clean-burning.

UK Stoves has an extensive selection of contemporary wood burning stoves from leading manufacturers, meaning it’s easy to find one that’s suited to your tastes and your home’s decor. This is especially the case with the Lilyking range, which benefits from a wide range of enamel colours. 

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