Can You Put a Wood Burning Stove in a New Build House

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Can You Put a Wood Burning Stove in a New Build House1st December 2020

There were over 170,000 new homes built in the UK for the year ending June 2019, with huge strides made by large developers, private housebuilders, housing associations and councils. Modern homes are considerably 'tighter' than they used to be, meaning there is not enough free air to provide a proper draw in a traditional, open, naturally-vented fireplace as standard. That's not to say that adding a fireplace with a wood burning stove is not possible — quite the contrary.

It is possible to have a wood burning stove in a new build house. Even if your freshly finished home does not have a chimney, you can add a pre-fabricated flue system which will do the same job as a traditional chimney, running either internally or externally to your property. For those who desire the classic look that comes with a conventional chimney, you can choose to have your flue system neatly hidden behind a faux chimney breast, so there's absolutely no compromise on style.


What about ventilation?

For new builds, a twin wall flue is the most common ventilation installation for stoves and burners. There must always be an air vent that is permanently open to the outside, but the size of this vent will depend on the output of the stove in your room, so it's crucial to gain a fair idea on the type stove you're looking to invest in. All stoves need to meet UK building regulations, so there will be specifications around how the flue must be fitted, the size of the hearth required and the distance the stove must be from combustibles.


Is your new build home in a smoke-controlled area?

Many towns and cities in the UK are smoke-controlled areas, meaning you will have to get your log burner approved by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to burn wood. If this is not something you're willing to do, the next best option would be to burn smokeless fuels, on a suitable multi-fuel stove, but just remember that you won't be able to burn wood.


Types of wood burning stoves

Whether you're looking to reduce heating costs, wish to elevate cosiness with the beauty and sound of real flickering flames or simple like the look and feel of a "real log burner" it's going to be essential to explore the different types before choosing the right one for your new build. At UK Stoves, you can quickly and easily explore a vast range of wood burning stoves, including modern, traditional and inset designs. If you're in the market for a log burner and want to find the right one for your new home, UK Stoves is more than happy to help and we can recommend the right model for your needs, taking your lifestyle, room size and budget into account. You can use our live chat service today or call us on 01604 861 010.



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