Best Stove Brands for 2018

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Best Stove Brands for 201821st March 2018

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about the stoves on our website, and we thought it would be helpful to put together some information on brands that we feel deserve a special mention in 2018.



Having been manufacturing hand built stoves for over 20 years, Arada now have an exquisite selection of wood burning and multifuel stoves. They’re produced by expert designers who have combined traditional features with modern functionality, whilst all Arada multifuel stoves are fitted with air wash and clean burn technology, secondary burning innovations and the PADS system. 

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Yeoman is without a doubt one of the UK’s leading stove manufacturers. You’ll struggle to find a showroom in the country who doesn’t stock at least one of their designs, and we’re proud to offer a range of their stoves on our website, including the traditional to the contemporary; offering multi-fuel, electric, gas and high-output boiler models. This brand has certainly come a long way since its humble origins over 25 years ago on a farm near Dartmoor!

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Broseley has manufactured stoves for almost 50 years and are renowned for the quality of their products. With such a wide variety of designs to choose from, it’s easy to find a Broseley for any type of home, whether that be a modern apartment in the city or a traditional cottage in the countryside. Their wood burning stoves in particular can offer up to 80% fuel efficiency, working to seriously reduce your home’s fuel bills.

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We couldn’t list out some of the top brands without mentioning Hunter. As one of the most widely known brands in the British stove industry, they’ve been proudly manufacturing their stoves for over 40 years. On our website, you’ll discover a huge collection of their quality stoves such as wood burning, multi fuel, boiler, gas and electric stoves. Each and every one is meticulously designed and crafted with care, bringing the best of British design and manufacturing into your home.

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If you’re looking for a stove that’s designed and built to last, using only the finest raw materials, Villager may just be the brand for you. They’re one of the only manufacturers that produce wood burning stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves with the same level of expertise, whilst they also offer excellent heat output and fuel efficiency too.

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The youngest brand on our list, Mendip has been producing wood burning and multi-fuel stoves of the highest quality since 2004. With clever combustion techniques, classy appearance and exceptional build quality, a Mendip stove will be a welcome addition to your home for many years to come. 

Click here to view the Mendip range


As discussed, there are so many quality brands to choose from on our website so it’s important you do your homework and take the time to really understand what you’d like in a stove. Every brand has their own unique advantages and disadvantages, so if you’d like to learn more about our range or to speak to us about your needs, feel free to give us a all on 01604 861 010.


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