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Best Log Burners For 20213rd March 2021

Wood burning stoves, also known as log burners are among the oldest and most characterful appliances for heating homes. The sound of a crackling fire with dancing flames and a quintessentially British ambience is the ultimate way to “warm your cockles”.


Today, modern stoves are far more efficient, yet there’s a comprehensive range of brands and models to consider, depending on the style, heat output and features you require. If you’re looking for a top-quality logburner this year, we’ve detailed five exceptional stoves to help you start your search.


Yeoman CL8

The CL8 is the largest of the CL range by Yeoman — available in a woodburning only model or the multi-fuel version. This 8kw logburner provides a stunning focal point for any room, with a gentle curved front, a sleek handle and a minimal cast top plate for timeless elegance that sits snug in any modern or traditional living space.



Hunter Hawk 4

Compact, stylish and classical. The Hunter Hawk 4 is small but fiery, providing a generous output of 3.5-5.5kw. Therefore, it’s easy to install in the smallest of spaces, and according to the manufacturer, it can reach 72.8% efficiency. If you’re looking for the look of a traditional logburner with Cleanburn technology, wipe-free glass and cool-touch handles, the Hawk 4 will not disappoint.



Westfire Uniq 17

The Uniq 17 is exquisitely crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It’s a match made in heaven for smaller rooms, with Danish styling that complements any minimalistic décor. The sleek look is undoubtedly part of the winning formula; however, the efficient combustion chamber deserves some recognition. With primary air, secondary air and tertiary air supplies, you have all of the controls you need to burn wood cleanly.



Arada Farringdon Catalyst Eco

The Farringdon Catalyst Eco is another Ecodesign Ready large woodburning stove capable of delivering long burn times with the advantage of a picture-perfect large viewing glass. It’s also Arada’s most efficient high output stove to date, with impressive clean burning credentials. There’s also a wide variety of colour options to suit your needs, such as Midnight, Atlantic, Chestnut, Mist, Sandcastle, Slate and Spice.



Woodpecker WP4

The Woodpecker WP4 is compact with a quality build that doesn’t cost you the earth. If you’re looking for a small stove that’s easy on the eye and capable of providing affordable warmth, the WP4 is one to be admired.  With a nominal heat output of 4.3kW, it looks at home in standard-sized rooms, with an impressive efficiency rating of 75.4%.

The stoves we’ve detailed above are just a few ideas to help you begin your search for the right woodburning stove. If you have any questions about these models or wish to learn more about the products available on our website, please do not hesitate to call us on 01604 861 010. Our friendly sales team are always happy to answer any questions and recommend the best stoves based on your tastes, needs, room size and budget.









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