Are Cast Iron or Steel Stoves Better

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Are Cast Iron or Steel Stoves Better30th July 2020

The majority of traditional stoves are cast iron, yet you will now find many contemporary stoves made of steel. It’s only over the last two decades or so that steel has been widely used by stove manufacturers – so the shift is certainly a sign of the times. It begs the question: “should I choose a cast iron stove or a steel stove?”


Firstly, it’s important to understand why cast iron has long been regarded as the ultimate metal for manufacturing log burners. Cast iron wood burning stoves are excellent at retaining heat, offering desirable warmth even after the dancing flames have perished. Centuries ago, a stove offered more than comfort. Every touch of warmth was important to survival. There are, of course, still many homes that do rely on traditional stoves to heat the home and provide that necessary warmth, however, the majority of houses have central heating, so stoves are often used to make a statement, improve comfort in a particular room.


If we go back 100 or even 50 years, steel could not rival cast iron, especially in terms of providing long-lasting heat. There have, however, been major improvements in the type and quality of steel available in recent years, and that’s why those looking to invest in a stove often now consider material, as well as style, shape, size and output.


Does it really matter?

You can find high-quality steel and cast-iron stoves, and the material itself will not be a great indicator of the stove’s overall quality. They are both excellent materials, however, there are some practical differences to keep in mind:


Cast Iron Stoves

  • - Generally heavier than steel stoves.
  • - Being made of so much metal, they take a long time to heat up.
  • - Excellent heat retention, offering exceptional warmth hours after the fire has gone out.
  • - Was once the top metal for ornate designs, so has a more classic look.


Steel Stoves

  • - Heats up quicker than cast iron.
  • - Delivers more heat to the room faster.
  • - Also loses heat quicker after the fire dies.
  • - A wide range of minimal and sleek designs.


We know that with so many designs, materials, colours, sizes, outputs and features to choose from, shopping for a stove can be overwhelming. At UK Stoves, we only supply high-quality wood burning, multi-fuel, inset, boiler, electric, gas, DEFRA and EcoDesign stoves from the very best brands.


As you shop our collection, you’ll discover plenty of stylish cast iron and steel stoves in a wide range of styles and finishes. If you have any questions, wish to learn more about us, or need some helping narrowing down your selection, please send us a message or call us on 01604 861010.




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